Meet The Runivores

RUNIVORE is an Asia-based running food company started by three regular dudes turned ultra-runners who weren’t satisfied with their nutrition options and decided to make their own. Runivore offers supplements created with natural superfoods that are effective and delicious. Endurance sports bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment, and so should the foods we eat for everyday training and races.

Our story is simple, we were three regular dudes, turned ultra runners, who couldn’t find high quality nutrition to fuel our adventures … and so we designed our own whole food energy bars to help us reach peak potential. We live and run on the small island of Taiwan, where the terrain is rough and where 50k races have typical top finishing times of 8+ hours. In other words, a place where you need dense and portable fuel for long quests.

We made our bars by first researching the best that nature has to offer for healthy and tasty components to create our energy bars. We were looking for a combination of quick bursts of energy from dried fruits like dates, raisins and oats, along with slow burning energy from almonds, pumpkin seeds. The chia seeds add the much needed Omega-3 for recovery, they also contain essential minerals like magnesium and potassium and are almost 20% protein, adding to the recovery quality of the bars. The recipe was fine tuned by a chef in one of Taipei’s four-star hotels. They are produced in small batches with minimal processing – we basically crush the ingredients, add enough heat to ensure proper mixing, and then simply roll and cut the bars.

We continue to work on additional bar flavors and other nutrition products. Stay tuned.

Runivore Products

natural, healthy, tasty and powerful – the best of four worlds.