Come Run With Runivores

We love to run, and we would love to run with you. Check out some of our regular runs below and never hesitate to drop us a note if you’re in need of a run recommendation or if you’re visiting Taipei and need a running partner (we’re usually heading out for a run anyways). The best way to get in touch with us is to send us a message on our Facebook page – Runivore

Every Tuesday Night is LSD Night

We don’t do drugs but you might get a runners’ high if you join us for this 2 hour run along the river. We follow the same general route and usually split up into different pace groups ranging from 6:30/km pace to 5:30/km pace. At the end we all meet up and enjoy some Runivore Chia Fresca.

The goal of these runs is to help you build up your aerobic base (and for us to help burn off some excess fat). We meet at the Pipe Bar – Riverside close to Gonguan MRT station. It’s summer time so bring some form of hydration – small hydration pack like UD SJ, a hand held or simply a water bottle will work.

Check out Runivore LSD group on Facebook for the latest updates.

Test Your Speed at Runivore Riverside 5K Once a Month

Runivore Riverside 5K is a 5km individual timed event to help you test and improve your speed.
 We organize this free event on a monthly basis. We award prizes to the top 3 Female and Male competitors as well as the most improved runners. Over the last half a year we’ve seen many of the participants dramatically improve their 5K results.

The exact time of the event varies but is usually on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month. Check out Runivore events page on Facebook for the latest schedule.

The location is

  • Under Fuhe Bridge
  • 15 min walk from gonguan MRT.
  • 5 min walk from “the Pipe”

Here are some pics from the latest event (as of writing this page):

Enjoy the Beauty of Taipei – Explore Your Backyard

Explore Your Backyard is our annual trail racing event taking place in the many beautiful backyards surrounding Taipei. Our first event in 2015 took place in the hills of Maokong, EYB in 2016 was in Neihu, and the 2017 extravaganza was in the hills of Tucheng.

Explore Your Backyard races feature 2 trail racing distances and one fun hike distance.

The longest distance is meant for experienced trail runners. It typically features 15-18km total distance with elevation gain of around 1000m with a mix of mountain roads, trails, technical assent, descent and 2 checkpoints. There is typically 1 ITRA point awarded for finishers of this distance. Top 7 finishers in the Female and Male categories receive prizes based on fastest finishing time.

The medium distance is designed for people who have experience with running on trails in Taiwan. The total distance is 10-13km and elevation gain of around 600 meters with a mix of hilly roads, trails, technical assent, descent and 2 checkpoints. Top 7 finishers in the Female and Male categories receive prizes based on fastest finishing time.

This short course is designed for hikers and short trail runners. It is about 7km short but still technical and challenging. The aim is to show you some beautiful spots in the hills of Taipei. You can race it if you want to challenge yourself based on speed, however, prizes for this course are given out to those who successfully find hidden RUNIVORE-BEAST RUNNER – TOKENS throughout the course.

Everybody is a Winner

All finishers receive an Explore Your Backyard Medal, The Annual Edition of the EYB T-Shirt (Different Color every year), Special gift from Runivore and additional gifts from supporting sponsors.

Healthy Lunch is Served

Eat Well Run Well is our motto, that’s why we take a lot of time and energy to select a great post-race meal for all participants.

Memories To Last Forever

We always have a couple of great photographers on site to make sure that the memories of your achievements are recorded forever.

More information about Explore Your Backyard here.